This Life Coach program is a combination of live teaching and self-paced learning. The normal timeline for this course is 10 weeks, but students can complete       it earlier based on their self-paced engagement.              

This program offers foundational coaching practices

and customized training and covers

the following topics:

Class 1  - What is Coaching? 

Class 2  - Fundamentals of Goal Attainment 

Class 3  - Developing Action Plans 

Class 4  - The Art of Questioning 

Class 5  - Listening as a Coach 

Class 6  - Empowering Your Client 

Class 7  - Different Client Types 

Class 8  - Living in the Moment 

Class 9 -  Building Your Coach Business 

Class 10- Hostings Seminars and Workshops 

                Coaching Interview (Live w/coach)

The final interview will be conducted through the online video platform, ZOOM. 


I was referred to Janice McMillian by my Business Manager.  She thought she would be perfect to consult with on an upcoming project.  Janice worked with me diligently on that project, so I grew to trust her professional abilities.  It wasn’t until one day, during an email conversation with Janice that I noticed she also owned New Creation Coaching Academy (now the Coaching Boutique). 


I immediately called her and asked her how I could enroll!  For 6 weeks, Coach Janice poured into me all she had!  Because of the encouragement that I received from Janice, I am now a graduate of NCCA, the owner of my own Coaching Practice, a trained Speaker and “expert” in my areas of certification, and an author!  I can hardly believe how my life changed because of those 6 weeks with Janice.  I would have never been able to reach these levels without her guidance!  I will forever be grateful!


Deanna Hamilton, Success Coaching Systems, LLC

Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur

If you want to learn foundational coaching principles this program is definitely for you! Life coaching is a viable skill set for people who want to help individuals release the greatness that's already on the inside of them. 

The #1 Goal of this coaching program is to:


  • Teach individuals coaching skills so that they can  use those skills to enrich others in their life journey. 


Are you:

  • The person who everyone relies on for advice and wisdom;

  • The person who wants to share your unique gift or talent with others through coaching;

  • In a job transition and interested in a whole new career.

This curriculum will provide foundational

instruction on: 

  • How to set up a coaching practice; 

  • How to pick a niche that is profitable and aligned with your purpose; 

  • How to set up your coaching website; 

  • How to charge what you're worth, and more... 

Coaches help clients:

  • Find their personal drive triggers; 

  • Erase societal programming; 

  • Learn to be more, embrace more and believe for more; 

  • Gain a stronger spiritual base from which to operate from; 

  • Make better meaningful life decisions; and more... 

This program has loads of:


  • practical tools;

  • a password-protected resource center;

  • audio presentations;

  • coaching documentation that can be branded to your business; and more...


Your mentor coach will teach you the

skills you need to become a certified life coach.

And this curriculum is accredited through the International Instruction of Coaching Studies (IICS). (

Your coaching training investment is



The above cost is the normal cost for the coaching program and all of the goodies you get. But, I'm offering A SPECIAL discount  for ONLY $297.00 That's a $300.00 discount!!!!!


 Now you can take the money you'd typically spend for this coaching program and put it into whatever other expenses you may have. Get life coaching at a discounted rate and start operating in your craft today!


Through the teaching platform, Coursecraft, you will have access to each coaching lesson, an audio of the lesson and additional information that will make your training seamless. 



You WILL receive certification as a life

coach through this program. This is all for the discounted price of $297.00.


As a bonus for signing up, you'll receive downloadable documents to help you launch your coaching platform. They are available as soon as you sign up for this course. 

Once you've completed the entire process, you and I will have a one-on-one coaching session to determine your level of coaching knowledge. I will provide your coaching certification, transcript and badge upon completion of this coaching interview session. 

The Coaching Boutique has added value and increased awareness to my life! Coach Janice certified coaching course opens your understanding of how to bring out the best in the client and myself. Continue to thrive in your gifting Coach Janice the seeds you have planted will produce fruit that will MULTIPLY in others! 


Deaconess Sherri Cox

Get your certification badge and start your journey as a life coach. 

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March  4, 2019

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June 3, 2019

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  2. Pay your coaching investment. 

  3. Enjoy the journey! 

"I am pleased with the awesome life-changing training I received from (Coach) Janice.  The coaching program was designed in such a way that it gave me immediate coaching strategies and a plan of action that I was able to implement and gain real life experience immediately before launching out to a large public audience. 

The classes were structured in a way that was convenient and very student friendly. I recommend you take this training coach training course very highly and without reservation. 


Arlene Spann, CEO, S.W.E.A.T.S - Weight Loss Program Coach 

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