Coaching that's designed to uncover

and unearth your highest

heart’s desire.

Every woman has a hidden desire on the inside of her that wants to be released. 

So often it's been silenced, pushed-aside, pushed-down, or promised a future date that has never manifested. It's NOW time to push out your highest heart's desire. 

Introducing the HHD Coaching Plans 

Which one speaks to your HHD? 

Grace is a visionary and has an abundance of ideas about what she wants to do in life, but is having a hard time connecting the dots to get "there." She needs coaching to help her bridge the gaps from "where she is" to "where she'd like to go."  

Grace Coaching includes:

  • A 45-minute free personal assessment;

  • Refocusing Your Mind Coaching (a 3 part (1 hour) coaching matrix -                                              each session will target 3 primary areas that control your mind's focus.                                        Fieldwork is also included. (coaching days are determined in advance)

I need Grace Coaching!

Shannon is not satisfied with her life movement. She's sedentary and has become a poor eater over the years. She's noticed the impact to her overall life. Shannon needs coaching to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that will leave her feeling nourished, alive, motivated and feeling good about herself again. She needs the life movement plan.

 Shannon Coaching Package includes:

  • A 45-minute free personal assessment;

  • Emotional cleansing guidelines

  • Janice's 5-Day Small Plates Guide w/movement coaching 

I need Shannon Coaching!

Victoria is an unmarried post-50 woman who wants to redesign her life to have more contentment and satisfaction.  She needs coaching to craft a 2nd phase plan that will energize her response to life so she can enjoy this stage without any regrets.


Francine Coaching Plan includes:

· A 45-minute free personal assessment;

· The 4-week Change Your Life Challenge

I need Francine Coaching!

Brenda has always wanted to write a book, but she doesn't know where to begin. She has journaled for a period of time and has foundational writings to create her book. She needs coaching to guide her through the book development process.


The Brenda Coaching Plan includes:

· A 45-minute free "book chat" session

· A 3-month book development coaching plan

· Indie Book Publishing Resources for the 1st-time author

I need Brenda Coaching!

Lisa is a creative. Most of her ideas have yet to come to fruition. She's all over the place creating new things but never finishes her projects. She needs coaching to help her focus her attention on important project(s) at hand.


The Lisa Coaching Plan includes:

· A 45-minute free organizational assessment;

· 60-day Priority Plan w/coaching (accessible through Coursecraft)

· Email and follow-up with task reviews (unlimited email support)

I need Lisa Coaching!

These coaching packages have been designed based on sound practical application by your coach trainer, Janice McMillian. Her personal growth and development has resulted from conquering each one of these areas in her own life. 

Because she has mastered these problem areas, she is equipped to bring to you her success strategies that will also help you overcome and be successful in your own life. 

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