Short term coaching classes can help clear out the cobwebs in your thinking about what you should be

doing and map out a more direct route to getting "there." After all, your purpose is already within you.

Certified Life Coach Trainer, Janice McMillian will show you how to move into position and step into what

you really want out of life. 


Releasing Happy - The DVGS Way  

(D-Dissastisfaction, V- Vision, G-Goals, S-Steps) 


Releasing Happy - The DVGS Way is a 1-hour class held for a 2 week period that will be presented through the Zoom online format. It will discuss 4 steps to releasing happy (1) Identifying and Narrowing Down Dissatisfaction, (2) Identifying what you want - Your Vision (3) Goal Setting and (4) Actions that will work.  Email follow-up is scheduled after the final session to discuss action plan development. 


The 7-Step Success Model 


The 7-Step Success Model is a thought / behavior based coaching model that encourages true change.     Each step leaves nothing to chance and covers all the bases for successful life change.  Client and Coach engagement occurs each Monday for 7 weeks for 45 minutes. The assignment is given prior to the tele-class discussion.  

Step 1:  Awareness of the Need to Change

Step 2:  Modeling Behaviors

Step 3:  Discover and Change Ineffective Beliefs 

Step 4:  Discovering Vision 

Step 5:  Creating Vision Based Goals 

Step 6:  Fieldwork 

Step 7:  Celebrate, Review, Adjust and Set New Tasks 


Follow Your Bread Crumbs 


Follow Your Bread Crumbs is a 1- hour empowerment coaching call to help individuals follow God's divine clues and directions for their life. Did you know that we are led every single day toward new people, new insights, and new experiences?  Our daily path is filled with connections - we need only to be able to recognize them as God connections.


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